How to mine 12 Dogecoin daily using this method

Dogecoin mining is the process to use hardware that participant nodes in the Dogecoin network to carry out the mathematical calculations needed to check and validate incoming transactions on Dogechain.

How To Mine 12 Dogecoin Daily

This simple tricks have worked for me since two weeks with two successful withdrawal recorded.

1. Download Windscribe VPN

2. Open your the VPN and connect to France

3. Register with this link below:

How Long Does it take to mine 1 Dogecoin?

Here, getting free 12 Dogecoin per day is over possible.

Minimum withdrawal is 106 Doge. You get 100 Doge to your wallet while transaction fee is 6 Dogecoin.

You can also refer to earn 2 Dogecoin per referral but it’s not compulsory.

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