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Welcome to Jolicity.com about us page. It was founded by Ugwumba Nnaemeka, a Nigerian Pro Blogger and Web developer. Here, we focuse on giving quality updates. We specialize on confirmed crypto news, sports news, career selection updates, business opportunities, job alert news, gossip news, celebrity news and a platform for our registered users to display their business/ brand.

Our focus is not just indigenous, but also encompass foreign affairs. We are aimed at satisfying our readers’ need while also protecting their privacy.

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We take great pride in the quality of our content. While we cover hundreds of different topics, they all have one thing in common. Our writers create high equality, original, accurate, expert content that is free of ethical concerns, conflicts, or misinformation. If you ever come across an article you think needs to be improved, please email us at feedback @Jolicity.com and let us know.

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