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Dentitox Pro is a nutritional supplement that claims to support healthy gums and teeth. By taking six drops of Dentitox Pro daily, you can purportedly give your body the ingredients it needs to cleanse your gums and teeth, reversing serious dental health issues.


Dentitox Pro is an all-in-one oral health supplement that helps fight oral health problems such as bacterial infections, dental inflammation, and even cavities. It’s an all-natural formula made from 100% natural and unprocessed ingredients. Dentitox Pro is free of all preservatives and other harmful substances that might harm your body.

This oral health solution comes in liquid form and is taken in the form of drops: experts claim that only 3-6 drops of it daily can have miraculous effects on your oral and dental health.


The elderly benefit the most from Dentitox Pro; as you grow older, your teeth and gums become weaker because your body begins losing its strength, and your dental health deteriorates.

Dentitox Pro helps with all types of dental problems that come with old age, whether the bleeding of gums or the falling of teeth due to old age.

Dentitox Pro functions by improving the balance of good and bad bacteria in the mouth; it increases the ratio of probiotics that are beneficial to one’s health. It also balances the pH inside the mouth and prevents the decay and rotting of teeth.

Who Created Dentitox Pro?

The Dentitox Pro proprietary formula was developed by Marc Hall, a man of 50 some odd years who hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. Marc is not a dentist or a medical professional of any kind, and we appreciate the skepticism this causes because it was our initial reaction as well.

What Marc Hall is, however, is an expert on plants. He has deep understanding of using plants and plant extracts for their medicinal properties.


Mr. Hall is also someone who does not like going to dentist. It got to the point where he was in real pain and, as he tells it, his wife did not want to kiss him because she was so disgusted.

He actually walked in on his wife having a telephone conversation with a friend in which she described his breath as smelling like a rotting corpse and how it terribly embarrassed her.


This was the last bit of motivation Hall needed. He began studying his options and learned about a primitive African tribe that practices a ritual that keeps their teeth and gums in great health.

Hall found the recipe at the core of this ritual and began experimenting with it using ingredients he had available. Within six months, Hall claims to have reversed most of his dental issues, and within the year, he packaged his formula as Dentitox Pro and began selling it to other people who were like him.

How Dentitox Pro Works

The Dentitox Pro formula focuses on delivering nutrients that the body needs. Within just 6 drops of the formula, consumers will get a ton of different nutrients that their body already needs to maintain for better health, like vitamins A, C, D3, and K2. It even includes many minerals like potassium and calcium.

However, with all of these typical ingredients, consumers would seemingly get the same support from simply using a multivitamin. That’s why there are additional ingredients that make the performance of this remedy even more intense, including:

  • Elderberry
  • Ironized phosphoric acid
  • Xylitol
  • Collagen
  • MSM
  • Indian licorice root extract
  • Neem
  • Sage
  • Cinnamon essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil

Whenever the user decides to include the Dentitox Pro drops in their routine, they should apply them directly to the teeth and gums. Brushing the teeth is still necessary to maintain oral health, but Dentitox Pro provides a way to boost that health.


Read on below to learn about each of these ingredients’ role in dental and oral health


Elderberry covers several different types of trees, covered in white flowers and deep-blue berries. It is often used to deliver important antioxidants to the user, though some suggest that it can improve the immune system. The berries cannot be eaten in their natural state, so they are typically used as a supplement.

As helpful as elderberry might be, some consumers can have an adverse reaction to it if they consume more than they intended. Some of the signs that users may have taken in too much include nausea, weakness, dizziness, and stupor.

Ironized Phosphoric Acid

Phosphoric acid comes from phosphorus, which the body uses with calcium to keep the teeth and bones strong. It keeps kidney function under control, and it helps the body store energy safely.


Xylitol is primarily used as a low-calorie substitute for sugar, providing users with an option that is low in sugar. Most of the time, this ingredient is used in gums and similar products to keep the teeth and gums healthy.

Studies show that xylitol can reduce the harmful bacteria in the mouth by starving it of the nutrients that it would need to survive. It also can reduce plaque and ultimately prevent tooth decay, which means that users have a greater form of protection against inflammatory gum disease.

This ingredient is also helpful in preventing ear infections, and it supports the body’s need for antioxidants. It is also a type of sugar alcohol, though it doesn’t actually contain any alcohol whatsoever. Sugar alcohols are simply a type of carbohydrate.



Most people think of collagen as a skincare ingredient because it reduces wrinkles and improves skin health. It is also directly associated with relief from joint pain, though it may be used in this oral health supplement to prevent bone loss. As time goes on, bone density improves, even if it has weakened with age.

Using a supplement is the easiest way to improve collagen levels, helping the body improve hydration.


MSM is typically included to reduce pain in the joints, complementing the use of collagen perfectly. It can reduce inflammation, which commonly occurs in irritated gums when they become infected.

MSM is sometimes connected with relief from allergy symptoms, and it can improve the body’s ability to recover after an intense workout.

The research behind MSM shows that this nutrient also has a powerful effect on the immune system, which means that users will heal faster when they need dental care.


Indian Licorice Root Extract

Indian Licorice Root Extract offers tons of antioxidants to reduce inflammation and provides the user with antimicrobial benefits. When used regularly, there’s a chance that this extract can reduce the risk of infections in the upper respiratory tract, and it can improve the way that the body digests different nutrients.

Digestion has a major role in the health of the mouth. The bacteria and acid in the stomach can easily become imbalanced, causing issues in the esophagus. These bacteria can then infiltrate the gums and mouth, causing damage to the teeth. However, balancing the needs of the digestive system can make a huge difference.


Neem is a leaf, and it is used for the treatment of many ailments for the body. A few of the problems that it can help to deal with include appetite loss, skin ulcers, intestinal worms, upset stomach, and even diabetes.

However, the biggest reason this ingredient is probably included in the formula has to do with the nourishment it provides individuals who experience gingivitis.


Gingivitis is a type of gum disease, and it often causes redness, inflammation, and irritation around the bottoms of the teeth. While it can be reversed, consumers need to improve their oral hygiene to protect them from recurrence.


Sage has tons of nutrients that the body can benefit from. Sage is incredibly beneficial for oral health because it can reduce the microbes responsible for dental plaque. Typically, it can be used topically in mouthwashes to kill off the bacteria primarily known for leading to dental cavities.

The anti-inflammatory benefits are helpful to individuals who are struggling with swollen gums or infections.

Essential Oils

Dentitox Pro includes both cinnamon and peppermint essential oils. While cinnamon essential oil is associated with reduced bacteria and fungal growths in the month, peppermint is typically used for joint pain or headaches. Both of these essential oils are rather strong, but they are diluted for the right benefit and taste of the formula.

Both oils can be used to alleviate stress and improve relaxation.

How Is Dentitox Pro Effective?

The premise behind Dentitox Pro is that many dental health issues are caused by deficiencies in the various nutrients that your teeth and gums require. The Dentitox Pro sales page claims that through the perfect formula of nutritional ingredients that these issues cannot only be avoided but reversed.

This is not without scientific merit. Tooth enamel does regenerate and cavities that have not eroded the enamel completely can be reversed. Gum disease that has not progressed to periodontitis can be reversed as well. Collagen and MSM are ingredients that can help rebuild your gums.

Elderberry has antibacterial qualities that can than can stabilize the oral microbiome, and the transformative effect that an optimized mouth microbiome can have on oral health should not be underestimated.

There are also ingredients that can improve your breath in a sustainable way, whiten your teeth and even make teeth less sensitive so that you can enjoy the beverages and foods you love.


What Does Dentitox Pro Do?

Based on a traditional African medicine, Dentitox Pro:

  • Rebuilds your gums
  • Treats inflammation and infections
  • Triggers tooth enamel regeneration
  • Supports strong dental health and systemic health

You can watch a video on the Dentitox Pro sales page that goes into greater detail on what the formula does and how it works.

The Dentitox Pro team now extends far beyond just Marc Hall, and that team claims that the formula not only targets the teeth and gums but saliva, bone and other aspects of your oral cavity that are necessary for optimal oral health.

Not only does the formula bolster oral health but systemic health, and there is a positive cycle that occurs when all of these systems are working well.

Purchasing Dentitox Pro


While there are many oral hygiene products on the market today, nothing is quite like the Dentitox Pro formula. Consumers will only be able to purchase this formula from the official website; there are a few packages they can choose from:

Those packages include:

  • 1 Dentitox Pro bottle for $69
  • 3 Dentitox Pro bottles for $177
  • 6 Dentitox Pro bottles for $294


Even if the user doesn’t find that they get the healing they hoped for with Dentitox Pro, they have up to 60 days to speak with customer service about getting their money back. You can purchase Dentitox Pro through their official website


Based on its ingredients and the information on its official website, Dentitox could be one of the effective remedies for dental problems. With natural ingredients, it’s safe so that users can consume it without any worry of side effects.


According to the website, the supplement targets oral health and improves it by supplying immune-boosting benefits.

Additionally, the formula is a product of a US-based company that complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The 60-day money back guarantee makes it a risk-free investment.


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