PlayerMon Metaverse NFT Airdrop, starting Nov 14, 2021 – Nov 17, 2021 , Starts in 4 days

People completing all the tasks successfully will only be considered for a lottery draw to win from a pool of 500 (100 Epic and 400 Rare) NFT from PlayerMon Ltd.

Duplicate entries of a profile or wallet will leads to rejection of the participation. PlayerMon Ltd. reserves all the rights to cancel participation of a profile or wallet. PlayerMon Ltd. Will have all the authority to conduct a lottery among the successful participants and the list of winners released after the lottery draw will be final.

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How to Participate?

To take part in “PlayerMon Metaverse NFT Airdrop”, you need to complete below tasks.

  • Join PlayerMon official global telegram channel.
  • Follow PlayerMon official twitter page.
  • Subscribe PlayerMon official YouTube channel.
  • Follow PlayerMon official Facebook Page.
  • Like and Retweet the pin tweet on PlayerMon official twitter page.
  • Add PlayerMon to your watch list on CMC.

Additional info for game view and NFT uses-

1. Link to Alfa game teaser –

2. NFT’s will be used in Game of PlayerMon, for more update please stay tuned on your social meadi platforms.

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