Thewatchseries – Best 5 Watch Series alternatives & similar websites

TheWatchseries is an online film and streaming website which has millions of films documented in different languages on their database.

If you are looking for where to stream and watch TV shows and films online, TheWatchseries the best place to do that.

One good thing about this website is that you can also download the pins in it if you want to, and it supports download in different formats.

TheWatchseries has a large collection of films in different genres.TheWatchseries is a free website, and you don’t even need to sign up or log in before having access to their large collection of online films and TV shows. TheWatchseries has been one of the viewer’s choices over the years with a high number of returning visitors and the high number of new visitors. The worst service records more than 170 million users per month.

The only sad story about the world series is that it is Geo-restricted in so many areas because of its copyright infringement and publication of licensed content for free.

The good news is this, you can also watch films and TV shows on TheWatchseries even though it is restricted in your region. The only thing you need is a strong VPN to change your location.

Is TheWatchseries a legal website?

There have been so many questions about TheWatchseries, people always want to know if it is a legal website.The truth is this, no website will provide intellectual property for you free of charge.

Intellectual property is one of the lucrative commodities today in our society so there is no way a website is going to provide it for you free of charge.TheWatchseries is an illegal streaming website and you could be jailed for using such a website in the United States and the UK because it’s against the law.

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How To Stream and download videos on TheWatchseries

To stream or download any video from the world series make sure you follow the guidelines I’m going to give you below so as to do it correctly. To stream a video, click on the title of the video you would want to watch.

Click the watch now button or resume ( that’s if you didn’t finish the video the last time you watched it).

To download your video tap the download button. All other processes will begin automatically. Thewatchseries Alternative Websites To Watch TV Series Online

Nothing last forever they say, you could wake up one day and find out that TheWatchseries website is no longer on the internet or might have been taken down due to copyright infringement.

As a movie lover or someone who likes watching online series, what are you going to do? Are you going to fold your arms and get bored without watching any online series?

The answer is no because there are many other websites that offer the same services as TheWatchseries.

These websites have the same online movies and TV shows like TheWatchseries which are also very interesting.

So I’m going to share with you a list of website that offers the same content with the world series so that you can try them out.

1. TV Player


Tv player is a great website where you can watch online TV shows and movies.Just like every other streaming website it has so much interesting movies in their database. They offer the same services just like TheWatchseries and has been around for a very long time. The only thing about it is that it is only available in the United Kingdom, but you can still watch it with the help of a VPN. All you need to do is to change your location to the United Kingdom and you are done. You can use TV player as your alternative for the world series.

2. SideReel


SideReel is another cool alternative for the world series. This particular website is for the TV lovers, and you would definitely fall in love with it once you try it out.They have so much collection of online TV shows and series at their disposal. SideReel website has a user-friendly interface which can help the user find the particular TV show he/she is looking for very easily.

3. ShareTV


Another TheWatchseries alternative that you might like to check out is ShareTV. The website is very popular in the United States, due to its continuous streaming of Emmy award-winning movies. You can also stream movies which are available on NetFlix and other popular movie Websites.

4. See HD


One of the most famous Thewatchseries alternative available on the internet is see HD.The website has a large collection of movies in different genres from different movie networks. Sports,  WWE entertainment I also included in its robust streaming packages.You can also watch The complete seasons of most popular talk shows in the United States. If you are looking for TheWatchseries alternative, you can always look out for SEE HD.

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5. CMovies HD


Cmovies HD is also a popular streaming website where you can go and watch your usual TV shows and online series. It has the same functionality just like every other streaming website. They have recorded a large number of returning and new visitors due to its well-designed and highly optimised interface. The website loads very fast which makes it possible for online users to stream and watch their favourite TV shows very easily.

In case you don’t find your favourite TV show you looking for on the homepage, you can always make use of the search bar to locate it using its appropriate name.

TheWatchseries PROs

They have a large collection of movies in their database. It has a well-designed interface which makes it possible for the online users to locate their favourite TV shows with little stress.


  • It is geo-restricted in so many countries.
  • It witnesses frequent shut down due to copyright infringement.

The works series has been around for a very long time. One of the biggest problems they face in their daily activities is the constant shutdown of their website due to copyright infringement which has made their real URL to be dynamic.

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